What a challenge the last two years have been. But the light in the midst of it all has been you. Over and over again, your generosity helped us raise the bar and welcome the opportunity to serve even more homebound residents within our community. 

Seniors like 72-year-old Gloria, who lives alone and on a fixed budget. The knock and smile of our volunteers with her meal delivery each weekday is her lifeline. For homebound clients like Steve, who is bedridden and suffering from cancer. With family out of state, hot, cold, and frozen meal options are a resource that feeds his body and boosts his spirits. For 88-year-old George, who no longer drives and lacks the stamina to prepare his own nutritious food, and for Irene, who is struggling with sudden vision loss and navigating her home and kitchen, Meals on Wheels of Hamilton County is an answered prayer.  Whether it is a hot meal that is delivered each weekday, or, frozen meals that provide weekend sustenance, your donation is vital to her getting nutrition daily. 

Our meals are prepared in state-approved healthcare facilities and designed by a certified registered dietitian under a physician’s prescribed supervision according to the client’s specific dietary needs. It takes a little more than $2,500 to support each client annually. Your donations not only provide nourishing meals, but security, comfort, dignity, and most of all compassion. 

Each year, we rely on hundreds of volunteers and thousands of donors, at all levels, to enable us to provide nutritious meals and meet the needs of the homebound, disabled, and elderly residents throughout our county, including in Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, Noblesville and Sheridan. 

Together, we are making a lasting impact and making good go further. We know there are many more among us who could benefit from our services. Will you continue to help meet the growing needs of your community? 

  • A gift of $50 will feed one individual hot meals for ten days
  • A gift of $100 will feed one individual two meals per day for 23 days
  • A gift of $250 will feed one individual frozen meals for 21 weekends
  • A gift of $500 will feed one individual for 75 days

Meals on Wheels is so much more than a just a meal. It provides a lasting impact, reduces hunger, improves health, and helps individuals remain independently living within the community — in their own homes — for as long as possible, one meal at a time. 

On behalf of our board, staff, volunteers and those we serve, thank you for your support, and we will never forget your generosity. If you are interested in giving back today, you can donate online or learn more about volunteering.

Best regards,

Beth Gelhausen 
Executive Director