Meals on Wheels of Hamilton County and Riverview Health have been steadfast allies since the beginning, working hand in hand to deliver nutritious meals and unwavering support to those in need. In 1975, one of Riverview’s long-time volunteers, Mary Bray, and a local pastor, Reverend David Garrigus saw this essential necessity and began serving meals provided by Riverview Health. Recognizing a pressing need within the community, they developed a long-standing commitment to community welfare.

Forty-nine years later, Riverview is still a partner and served approximately 3,228 meals (hot and cold) in 2023. This sustained effort has been especially crucial during the challenges posed by the pandemic, with an average of 116 individuals receiving meals each month. 

Integral to the success of this partnership is the unwavering dedication of the food service staff, managed by Sodexo, the contracted meal service provider for Riverview Health. The individual responsible for plating and sealing the hot meals, stands out for his exceptional commitment to the well-being of the clients. His daily efforts reflect a broader commitment to ensuring that each meal not only satiates hunger but also contributes to the overall nutrition of the recipients.

Riverview Health’s involvement extends beyond providing meals. In addition to providing labor for meal prep, they contribute significantly to the logistics and infrastructure of Meals on Wheels of Hamilton County. The Noblesville Hospital has donated space, utilities, and phone services since the beginning, showcasing a deep commitment to supporting our organization. This generosity allows Meals on Wheels of Hamilton County to focus its resources on its primary mission—delivering nutritious meals to those who need them the most.

A testament to the strength of the partnership is the active involvement of David Hyatt, Riverview Health’s CEO, who serves on the Board of Directors for Meals on Wheels of Hamilton County. This collaborative leadership ensures that the partnership remains dynamic and responsive to the evolving needs of the community.

With almost half a century of shared history, this collaboration continues to make a tangible impact, one meal at a time. As we navigate the challenges of the present and look toward the future, Meals on Wheels and Riverview Health remain dedicated to nourishing not only bodies but also the collective spirit of the Hamilton County community.