In 2019, Meals on Wheels piloted a new frozen meal program with just 30 meals a week. Now we are delivering over 500 frozen meals a month and continuing to grow as more of our clients seek healthy and easy meal options for the weekend when there aren’t deliveries being made. Although the program was created before the start of the pandemic, it has also served as a way to keep our clients safe so they don’t need to leave their homes for meals on the weekends. So if you or your loved one is seeking greater flexibility with Meals on Wheels deliveries, you might find a perfect solution in the new frozen meal plan. 

What does the frozen meal plan consist of? 

Meals on Wheels currently only delivers hot meals from Monday to Friday, so the frozen meal plan is ideal for someone who needs a little extra help on the weekend and/or would like more hot meals during the week. Our frozen meals are not only convenient but fresh, nutritious, and appetizing. The meals consist of a three-compartment tray including a delicious protein, carbohydrate, and vegetable. Bread, butter, fruit, and dessert are also included in the delivery. 

Currently, we are offering lunch/dinner options, but we are looking to expand the frozen meal offerings in 2022 to include breakfast. Right now, the meals are all low sodium and heart-healthy but we are working with our provider to offer a selection of meals that includes foods to suit a typical diet, as well as specific dietary restrictions, such as renal and diabetic. Currently, we require a minimum of two frozen meals to be ordered for delivery but can provide more depending upon the individual need. Each meal costs $6 and will be delivered Friday morning. The food is guaranteed to remain fresh since your meals are kept frozen during delivery with the help of a cooling blanket. Any remaining meals are promptly returned to the center’s freezer per state nutrition guidelines. 

Why is this the right plan for me or my loved one? 

For Meals on Wheels clients, figuring out weekend meals can be challenging since we only deliver from Monday to Friday. That is why our frozen meal plan is a great way to ensure that there will be something quick, easy, and nutritious to heat up and eat during the weekends. The benefit of having nutritional support throughout the week and weekend cannot be understated when it comes to the health and independence of seniors. Frozen meals are also easy to add to any preexisting service and have the potential to be covered by financial aid if necessary. 

Meals on Wheels of Hamilton County is dedicated to supporting individuals stay healthy, happy, and independent by way of delivered nutritious meals — and this new program only helps further this mission. If you have ever considered volunteering with Meals on Wheels, the frozen meal program is also a great way to get involved while easing into the weekly schedule! Enroll today online or by calling 317-776-7159 and relieve the stress of finding filling and nutritious meals every weekend.