• Meals on Wheels of Hamilton County - INDIANA

    The service is available to anyone who is physically or mentally unable to prepare a meal for themselves regardless of age or income. Recipients may request assistance themselves or be referred by their physician, a family member, church pastor, or hospital discharge personnel. Applications for home-delivered meals can be completed by calling our office or by completing the form below. We will contact a recipient’s primary physician to obtain a dietary prescription. A dietary prescription is required for each recipient receiving meals to insure that dietary restrictions are honored, and dietary requirements are met.

  • Food Preparation

    Meals are prepared in state-approved healthcare facilities under the direct supervision of registered dietitians. Special dietary requirements can be accommodated such as a diabetic, heart healthy, low-fat/low-cholesterol, or renal diets for dialysis patients.

  • Meal Options Available

    Menus are designed by the nutrition services staff at each of the meal preparation facilities and may rotate on a weekly or monthly basis. Accommodations for dietary restrictions will be made during meal preparation.  Due to the volume of meals prepared at the facilities we are not able to personalize a recipients meals based on likes and dislikes.

  • Meal Option 1

    A one-meal plan consists of a hot lunch in a three-compartment tray and includes a protein portion, a carbohydrate, and a vegetable. A separate cold sack accompanies the hot meal and provides bread and butter, dessert and a choice of milk or juice as a beverage.

  • Meal Option 2

    The two-meal plan consists of the same hot lunch, plus an additional deli-style sack supper that includes a protein sandwich, a fruit or dessert, and a second choice of milk or juice as a beverage.

  • Meal Option 3

    Frozen meals are available to assist those who need some extra help on the weekend.  These meals consist of a three-compartment tray: a protein, a carbohydrate and a vegetable.  Accompaniments to the tray will be bread, butter, fruit and dessert.  A box of 2 frozen meals will be delivered along with the regular Friday meal delivery.

  • Minimum of 2 Weeks

    When starting meal service, we require a 2-week minimum and a 2-week advance payment (non-refundable).  We don't feel anyone can make an informed judgment about the program after only only receiving a couple of meals.  A recipient may receive meals based on their need, whether that be everyday or a couple days a week.

  • Recipients are asked to pay for the cost of their meals and are invoiced at the beginning of each month for all the meals consumed in the previous month. Third-party payers on behalf of a recipient may include a relative, adult child, a friend/church member, or a private sponsor. Every effort is made to provide meals to recipients regardless of their ability to pay. With the financial support of CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions, Medicaid Waiver, or Meals on Wheels Sponsor A Meal program, we are able to subsidize a portion or all of the meal cost for those who need assistance.  If you have additional questions regarding services or completing the meal application form please call the Meals on Wheels office at 317-776-7159. (Indiana)

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  • It is our goal to provide meals for anyone who needs assistance.   If you or your loved one is unable to afford the cost of the meals please complete the Financial Assistance Request form.

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