Carolyn Norvell, 84, has received meal deliveries from Meals on Wheels of Hamilton County for the past six years. A surgery in 2017 left Carolyn struggling to stand for long periods of time, leaving her feeling frustrated and stressed. When Carolyn’s health deteriorated, she found solace in Meals on Wheels of Hamilton County. “Meals on Wheels rescued me and changed my life for the better!” says Carolyn, “I have been extremely pleased and satisfied with the nutritious meals. Each day, I get excited when an outstanding volunteer places a delightful surprise (meal) in my iced cooler. When I was offered frozen meals for the weekend, it brought me to tears.”

Making a Lasting Impact

Born and raised in Indiana, Carolyn has dedicated much of her life to caring for others. She is a loving mother of three with an ever-growing lineage of great and great-great grandkids. She devoted 35 years to serving patients as a registered nurse. She is a grateful breast cancer survivor. Carolyn now lives alone, is no longer able to drive, and has ongoing physical and emotional health challenges. Her children’s work and family responsibilities prevent frequent visits. Carolyn is exactly who Meals on Wheels of Hamilton County seeks to serve. 

Balanced meals with quality nutrition

Recognizing the significance of proper nutrition for her wellbeing, Carolyn’s primary care physician and her cardiologist wholeheartedly approved her engagement with Meals on Wheels. Each meal is thoughtfully curated, offering a delightful variety every week. Carolyn says, “All meals are presented well, tasty, nutritious, and good quality, with a weekly variety. The Carmel St. Vincent hospital dietary staff is to be highly praised for planning and preparing each meal with the additional plump, fresh fruit and sweet treats that bring smiles! This excellent service allows me to focus on healing, resting and more quality self-care.”

The Power of a Knock

In addition to nutrition, Carolyn has been touched by the kindness of the volunteers and staff of Meals on Wheels of Hamilton County. “This tremendous service is truly God-sent and a total blessing of comfort, joy, warmth, fulfillment, and love in addition to supplying my need for exceptional nutrition,” says Carolyn. “The Hamilton County Meals on Wheels staff and volunteers are true treasured servants. They do everything possible to meet my need for nutritional health. Their cheerful calls, notes and often questions of my additional needs or safety concerns are from hearts of gold. They ‘bring sunshine on many a cloudy day!’ An occasional floral bouquet is placed at my door to totally surprise and delight.”

Meals on Wheels of Hamilton County is proud to serve clients like Carolyn. Her journey serves as a reminder that amidst life’s challenges, compassion, community, and care can bring strength and joy to those who need it most.