• This year, MOWHC has experienced a dramatic increase in requests for assistance, specifically from residents requiring additional financial assistance. MOWHC’s Sponsor-A-Senior (SAS) Program helps provide meals for those in our community who are unable to pay for meals themselves. These individuals, for many reasons, do not qualify for assistance through CICOA (Area Council on Aging) or the Medicaid Waiver programs. And for those that do qualify, CICOA/Medicaid Waiver only provides a single meal per day. The SAS Program also assists in paying for the second meal when needed.

    Our SAS Program has experienced a 112% increase in a one-year period at an additional, unbudgeted cost of $35,000 for meals. While we knew that this increase would occur, we had no idea that it would be in such a dramatic fashion. To stay ahead of this demand, we must focus on additional funding to support the Sponsor-A-Senior Program going forward.

    To encourage our generous donors to rise to the challenge, we are excited to announce a special incentive this year. We are partnering with some of our long-time generous supporters, including IDI Composites International, to offer a 1:1 Donation Match, so your donations will have twice the impact—twice the benefit for Hamilton County residents in need.

    Our goal is to raise $50,000 through this year-end campaign. 

    • $35 provides an individual with 2 meals a day for 1 week
    • $150 provides an individual with 2 meals a day for 1 month
    • $300 buys coolers needed for meal transportation and delivery
    • $500 helps support our volunteer program responsible for meal delivery
    • $1000 provides an individual with 222 meals
    • $1785 provides an individual with 2 meals per day for 1 year
    • Your gift is deductible to the fullest extent of the law


  • Thank you to our generous supporters who are making this 1:1 donation match possible!

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